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Hello All;

I'm look for the Lenovo M55 Broadcom 5787 (ven:14e4 dev:169b) t3g.ko driver for the imaging bootcd.iso (ZENworks Imaging V6.5 SP2 IR1 HP1) (kernel2.6.5-7.244) . I have made a bootable USB drive for the bootcd.iso but am missing the Broadcom t3g.ko driver. Does anyone have this specific kernel driver? If so, lets find a way to transfer.

I have also built a SLES 9 SP3 (kernel2.6.5-7.244) system on a standalone Dell box. Have downloaded the latest Broadcom 5787 linux code (linux-3.133d.zip) and now need to compile. Need the zenimgk2657244.tgz file for compiliing as documented in http://www.novell.com/documentation/...a/b2cdmbg.html - Obtaining the Linux Source Code Tree. This file is nowhere to be found on the Novell site. Does anyone have this file? Again, if so. lets find a way to transfer.

Thank you.
You could try the latest ZDM7 imaging update, I believe you will be fine using it's bootcd.iso: http://download.novell.com/Download?...d=H2VY0mBNjTU~