I didn't notice that Novell Data Synchronizer (Version: 1.2.5 Build: 299) was replaced by GMS2, I must of slept through it all!
One of our users has accepted a phone update on their android device (Sony Xperia SP) and it appears to upgrade to Android 2.3. It no longer works, and I suspect it won't as there are no patches for the server.

The handset won't roll back firmware, so I am considering replacing the server with GMS...

At the moment, it's Novell Data Synchronizer Version: 1.2.5 Build: 299, and GroupWise 8 (NW6.5). The server is SuSE11 SP2.
Is GMS compatible with GW8 agents running on NW6.5? Can anybody give me any ideas on where to start re: an upgrade, or is it a complete new product and a fresh install?

Many thanks in advance, and happy Easter all!