Looking through the DNSDHCP console. I find dhcp option 33 for a
static route to a single object. But I need option 121 so I can
specify the netmask and I can't find it. Is this not available in
Novell's implementation?

If not, hiow would you handle this? I have two LANs. The perimeter
firewall for each LAN is the default gateway and they also provide a
site to site VPN. Traffic doesn't have any problems routing. But I
am adding a private line to replace the VPN. The firewall's will
remain the default route. The private line will be connected to each
LAN with routers and the computers on each LAN will no longer use the
default route to find computers on the other LAN. I thought the easy
way would be to just push out the route with DHCP, but I can't seem to
find a way. Any other options?