Planning to install our first OES11 SP2 server into an existing tree - the
idea is to run this new OES11 server virtualized on VMware ESXi 5.5

The existing tree has two physical NW6.5SP8 servers running eDirectory
Version (NDS Version 10554.64).

One of the existing Netware servers is used for DHCP/DNS, File Sharing from
three NSS volumes and Groupwise 7.0.4 whilst the second server is used for
FTP services and eDirectory redundancy.

Rather than jump in at the deep end and performing a Transfer ID Migration
of our main Netware Server which would force us to upgrade to Groupwise
2012/14 at the same time I was hoping to start off slowly and initially
start by transferring just one of the file sharing NSS volumes from the main
Netware server to the freshly installed OES11 SP2 server (just so we can be
confident that everything works the way it should).

If all goes well we would then in turn over a couple of weeks or so transfer
the remaining NSS volumes, DNS/DHCP services to the new virtualized OES11
SP2 server.

Once that's done we can then install a second virtualized OES11 SP2 server
which would be used for the Groupwise 7.0.4 system transfer and final
upgrade to Groupwise 2012/2014.

Finally we would then delegate one of the new OES11 SP2 servers as master
replica before removing eDirectory from the Netware servers and ultimately
turning them off.

Just wondering if this plan is workable or is my thinking too simplistic
e.g. am I going to end up breaking eDirectory and screwing things up like
trustee rights on the NSS volumes etc...

Thanks in advance.