I am currently having problem with Zenworks Imaging with the HP ProBook 450g1

We use Zenworks 11.2.4 Appliance

Here's the error that we get while launching the Imaging process :

>>> ZENworks installation program v3.3.01 (c) 1996-2010 SUSE Linux Products Gmbh <<<
Starting udev... udev-work[243]: '/sbin/modprobe -b pci:v00008086d00008C31sv0000103Csd00001942bc0Csc03 i30' unexpected exit with status 0x0009

I tried the old trick of newid for the network card but it didn't work... ex : newid="0x10EC 0x8168,e1000"
or newid="0x10EC 0x8168,r8169"

Actually i'm not quite sure if it is related with the network...

Do you have any ideas ?

Thank you !