I am in the process of deploying Windows 7 machines with Novell Client 2 SP3 (IR6). I have a newly setup server (server2) in my tree that is just there when/if my older primary server (server1) goes down. The drive mappings are setup to map to server1....but only on my windows 7 machines some of the drives randomly map to server2. So the users see older versions of their files and some things not at all. Any ideas on how to get this to NOT happen? Disable login on server2? In the login scripts the drives that are having problems are specifically mapped to server1/vol3 etc....but they still map to server2/vol3..... To fix it currently all I have to do is have the Windows 7 user re-login and it fixes the mapping.... Any ideas would be helpful as I have not been able to get a search in the forums to come up with something similar.