This summer I will be replacing server hardware at one of my schools. Currently it has sles11sp1 / oes11 -- put in in 2012. The patches are up to date for this version, but I have not upgraded/migrated it to a newer version yet. I have played in a test environment with the yast2 wagon migration from sles11sp1/oes11 to sles11sp2/oes11sp1 -- no problems. However trying to find notes on how to do a migration and identity transfer from source server hardware to new target server hardware. Found oes11sp2 migration tool administration guide. I haven't found anything telling me how to setup sles on the target server box ie server name etc. Once I have the target sles server setup, I realize I need to install OES and select the "Novell pre-migration server" option during this installation.

Current source server = sles11sp1/oes11 and has iPrint, Nss and netstorage installed. Installed in tree with oes11 and oes11sp1 servers.

The main tree server has sles11sp2/oes11sp1 on it. We will need to upgrade it to sles11sp3/oes11sp2 this summer. I'm fine with doing the yast2 wagon migration on that server. We just haven't done server hardware replacements for OES-L yet.

Looking for some good (step by step) instructions. ;-)