I'm having major issues with contacts not sync-ing since upgrading to GMS 2.0 :-
1. We have a mixture of iPhones & Android. There is no consistency as to which sync and which do not by phone type.
2. Most of the phones that are not sync-ing lost all contacts created on the phones, the ones in GW don't get to the phones.
3. There is no consistency in the address book names. In GW the books have the name of the user. In GMS "Folders", some folders are labeled "Contacts", others have the user name. Some of each type sync and some do not.
4. MCHECK doesn't indicate any problem. In one test case it indicated that all contacts had synced but they were sitting in a "pending" status in GMS folders. I have tried forcing a re-sync in GMS. I've tried removing the account from the phones and re-adding.
I would appreciate any help with solving these issues.
Thanks, Rod