Dont know what forum to place this in, so I'll place it here.

I have a problem with logintimes for users in ZCC, where they dont hav SuperAdmin rights.
Problem seems to come when a user has ticked the box on the welcome-screen, not to show it, ie so they will come directly to the Home-screen.
Seems like it have to think a lot displaying the Home-screen. The time can be 3-4 minutes, to login.
The same happens if they are logged in and clicks "Home" in the left menu, starts to think a lot...

If i make the user "SuperAdmin" it works fast, but if removing "SuperAdmin"-right the problem comes back.

Something on the Home-screen seems to take long time to resolve...

Anyone know if there is some right to give the user, to come around the problem?

Right now I have informed the restricted admins not to tick "Do not dispaly welcome screen" and not to click home button, but it wont be a long term solution...