We just upgraded to Zen 11.3 and have the following problem. We run W7 32 sp1. The problem is that ADMs stored under C:\Windows\System\Groupolicy are no longer read when I modify group policy. For instance, I am modifying a custom adm that has special settings to hide local drives. I am adding a new entry there to be able to hide a drive C, E, and F for instance. With Zen 11.2 I was able to do it by placing the modified adm in the \system32\groupwpoliy folder no problems. When a group policy was opened for edition, it would see this new setting and add it to the available options. Right now, this stopped happening and only admx and adms are read from current group policy on zen server and new changes that I make to local adms are not read/available at all. I was just doing it prior to update to sp3 and all worked fine.

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Jakub Gorecki
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