We recently upgraded from the GW Mobility Pack (Data Synchronizer)
v1.2.5 (299) to the new GW Mobility Service v2.0.1 (53).

With the previous versions of DataSync, I had two admin users setup:
admin1 and admin2. Admin1 was the original administrator setup with the
DataSync server, admin2 was manually added to the configengine.xml file.
This worked fine for the last couple years.

Since upgrading to GMS 2.0.1, I've found that when I make a change to
the GMS configuration through the WebAdmin interface, "admin2" is left
out of the configengine.xml file. After any change to the GMS
configuration I have to manually go back into the configengine.xml file,
add "admin2", and restart the services again.

Anyone else seeing this?


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