I am getting ready to upgrade our email system from GW 2012 to 2014. We have one domain and three post offices across three servers (2 POs in branch offices). While reading through the GW2014 install instructions I came across this item in:
Linux: Installing the GroupWise 2014 Software Section 24.1
10. When the installation is finished, press any key to return to the Installation Options list.
All of the GroupWise agents are installed on every GroupWise server. The MTA and, optionally, the GWIA are configured to run on a domain server. The POA and the DVA are configured to run on a post office server.
The bold and italicized sentence is confusing. This seems to imply that all Domains, MTAs and POs get updated at once across all three servers. If so this would eliminate the need to run the install on the branch office PO servers.
So, did I read this correctly? Thanks, Chris.