We currently have Data Synchronizer 1.2.4 setup but are thinking of moving to Groupwise Mobility 2.0.1 but I seem to have a small issue.

On the Data Synchronizer the items we have chosen to sync is everything except for tasks. What I have noticed is that, on the iPhones within the inbuilt Reminders app, you can enter reminders (tasks) and this will sync using the Data Synchronizer to all your other Apple devices. The start of the problem i'm having is that these items appear nowhere with groupwise, so im wondering where they are held.

The reason this is an issue for me is that we are creating a new mobility server 2.0.1 and as soon as we move the phones to the new server, all this information users have entered into reminders is disappearing, you have to move them back to the original Data Synchronizer to see this information.

I have searched all through the Groupwise client to see if these items are being created as mail, calendar entries etc but there is nothing. If the users could find this information themselves or if I could import these items into the new Groupwise Mobility then this wouldn't be such an issue.

We currently run groupwise version 8.0.3

Thanks for your help.