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Thread: What shall I install after upgrade to ZCM 11.3

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    What shall I install after upgrade to ZCM 11.3

    I am upgrading my servers from 11.2.4 to 11.3.

    Currently I only have Windows 7 with Agents 11.2.3 in use but soon Windows 8.1 devices should arrive.

    Ok I noticed there is again a "a" package available: ZENworks11SP3a.iso which seems to reflect a Windows 8 problem "Upgrade or uninstall of the ZENworks Agent on Windows 8 or Windows 2012 devices might make the devices unusable".

    And after upgrade to 11.3a? According to the patch list (as of 2014-05-01) I have the following patches available:
    30 Apr 2014 - ZCM_11.3.0_WIN8.1_Patch_841566 - See TID 7014897 x86-64 x86
    30 Apr 2014 - ZCM_11.3.0_Patch_841566 - See TID 7014897 x86-64 x86
    30 Apr 2014 - ZENworks_11.3.0a_Windows8.1_Update - See TID 7014805 x86-64 x86
    29 Apr 2014 - ZCM 11.3.0 WIN8.1 Patch 866736 x86-64 x86

    1) Do I need all of them when starting with Windows 8.1?

    2) Am I right that I do not need any of these patches if I only use Windows 7 devices?

    3) Do I need to upgrade my Agents on Windows 7 again after installing above patches?

    4) May I install all patches above and thereafter assign/update my Agents ONLY with above "Windows 8.1 System Update" and NOT at first with the 11sp3a Agent update?

    with kind regards Klaus
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