Has anyone tried Dell dcd-ether usb nic (Realtek)??

I'm trying to pxe boot a laptop with a cdc_ether nic connected through usb. I'm able to boot using a cdrom, but when using pxe I'm unable to get an ipaddress. From the logger screen I can see that dhcp times out, and the driver is loaded. When using the cdrom it will get a ip address. From the screen where it says it can't find zenworks repository, I have tried to go to expert, and launch a terminal. Doing an ifconfig also shows the nic as eth0. Trying to get an ip address from there also fails (using dhcpcd eht0) with "timed out". I can manually assign an ip adress using "ifconfig eth0 netmask" it will get assigned, but I'm unable to ping anything. Any suggestions?? Thanks