Anyone else have tons of problems moving to this?

Trying this in my test envir and it's been a disaster.

First server I tried going to sles11sp3 / oes11sp2 online via yast
seems to have gone fine, but having weird problems.

This server seems fine, but per my previous post, nss is wonky. I'm
having another issue on this box.

When I try to go through the OES Install and Configuration, I get only
the Typical or Custom configuration. Then a message comes up about the
OES11 DIB needing upgraded, so I click on Upgrade.

Then I validate a server with a writable replica, enter the admin
password and click next.

Almost instantly, I get an error: Authentication for user,
cn=admin,o=ccgtest, has failed due to the following error: 0.

Only option is Ok, then either abort or retry. Retry does the same