Why do I receive the following message on Login Page of ZCC of ZCM 11.3a?

Your internet browser is not supported by this version of ZENworks Control Center. While many functions will work, this browser version has not been fully tested. The supported browsers for this version of ZENworks Control Center are Firefox (v 26.x - 27.x) and Firefox ESR of (v 17.x,24.x) and 32-bit Internet Explorer (v 8.0 - 10.0).

I am running Firefox 24.5.0 ESR

According to "Whats New in ZENworks 11 SP3" I read:
The following browser versions are supported:
Firefox ESR version 17 and 24 and Firefox version 24.0 and 25.0 (including any patches) on Windows and Linux devices. Other versions of Firefox are not supported

So I am within the Specs

I know it should work - it is just irritating and frustrating - strait after the upgrade to 11.3!