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Thread: Gw client fails to start after second Windows logon

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    Gw client fails to start after second Windows logon

    As part of a desktop lockdown initiative, we tested a recent PC rebuild, and found that when the user was set to local User equivalence, rather than Administrator, that GW 2012 Sp1 client failed to start with the following error:
    Groupwise is not properly installed. The Groupwise components could not be initialized.
    Please run Groupwise setup, or contact your system administrator.
    Groupwise does work for Administrator logons, and it did work for this user until we applied the Zenworks DLU User policy.

    Normally with software that present issues when run as a local user, we just tweak file system security and the registry, then everything runs fine. But not in this case with GW client.
    The PC setup is:
    • GW 2012 SP1
    • ZCM 11.2
    • Pc: Windows 7 Home Premium Edition x64
    • Office Home and Business 2013 x64(retail version, that doesn't allow custom install!! So there is Outlook on the Pc

    How are others fairing with locked down desktops and GW 2012 client?
    I have GW 2012 working elsewhere in locked down configurations, so not sure why it's not working here.
    Are there any special tricks that need to be sometimes done to get GW client to launch in a locked down environment?

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