I've been using ZCM 10 for years and finally starting fresh with ZCM 11, hoping to do things properly this time. Anyway, with ZCM 10, I totally avoided the content repo all together. Almost all of my bundles would simply point to network .exe or .msi files under the "install" action, and then point to the local .exe file in the "launch" tab to launch the application.

Example, WordPerfect15. My "install" action would launch "k:\wp15\setup.exe" with command switches "install_app=wordperfect /qb!" , then a second action to delete the desktop icon.. then the launch tab would edit registry for some settings I want there prior to user launching the app, then a second action to actually launch Program files\Corel\blahblah\wpwin15.exe.

This worked pretty well, only was when zen somehow "lost" that it had installed Wp before and would show the user an "X" on the icon. Then when user tried to launch, it would MSI error saying it was already installed.. I fixed this by simply setting "continue on failure" on the Install tabs.

Anyway, with ZCM11 in my Sandbox test.. it seems the first thing zcm11 tries to do is the "launch" actions. So now, when I click my WP15 zen icon, im presented with a "failed to launch c:\program files\blahblah\wpwin15.exe" then it starts running the installer. Something change here or did I set something up wrong (likely)?