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Thread: Multiple Calenders on Mobile devices

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    Multiple Calenders on Mobile devices


    In GroupWise I have my main calendar and then there are additional calendars as well. (Whether created or shared)
    When I sync my mail account to my phone, only the main calendar syncs across and not the others.
    Is this a limitation or is there a setting I can change to get all Calendars Syncd?

    GroupWise 2012
    Data Synchronizer Version: 1.2.5 Build: 299
    iOS and Android devices.


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    Re: Multiple Calenders on Mobile devices


    This is a limitation in your version of Data Synchronizer (1.2.5 Build xxx). Only the main calendar will sync.

    In the GroupWise client, you can select the personal [not shared] calendars from which you want appointments displayed in the main GroupWise Calendar. However, when calendar data is synchronized to your mobile device, all appointments are synchronized into the main calendar on the mobile device, regardless of which personal calendars you have selected in GroupWise. This is working as designed at present.

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