On Netware 6.5 -- does anyone know of a way to actually *monitor* file
compression activity?

The documentation says to do it via SET or MONITOR, but both of these seem to
only allow setting compression parameters.

Reason for the inquiry is that we have a volume that lost a huge amount of
diskspace overnight. 135GB just gone, only 15GB of that was newly-created
files, small number modified ... but we were doing a migration and 600GB+of
the compressed volume was "accessed" in the copy process. The access includes
uncompressing files prior to copy, but we've never seen this type of space
disappear during the process before.

So I'm wondering if the 120GB that vanished is compressed files that
decompressed and then continued to eat up space -- but I can't find a wayto
monitor or even log compression activity.

Am I missing something, or is the documentation wrong?


> How to Monitor Compression Activity
> Monitor compression activity via the set commands Compress Screen parameter.
> For instructions on how to use the set command, see "SET" in the NW 6.5SP8:
> Utilities Reference.