I ran the 11 SP3 upgrade the other day. First attempt failed as the installer tried to make a huge backup of files that residing on the "content" disk mounted at /var/opt/novell/zenworks and store the files in a folder /NTS-backup, which is on the system disk. Not a good idea... Took me a couple of hours to get around that. A suggestion for the installer design is to not only look for total available space but also disk-by-disk space.
Anyway, eventually the upgrade went thruogh alright it seems and as far as i've tested it appears to work "as expected", except for one thing: in ZCC - System Update Overview - Status by device the status shown for both primary servers is "Installing Update (0% complete)", and has been so since i ran the upgrade some five days ago. I have run zman srf and zac ref on both primaries but nothing happens with the percentage.