I'm trying to create a virtualized IE 11 using the template.

I'm building it on a Windows 7 64-bit computer.

When launching it, I keep getting "A program on your computer has corrupted your default search provider setting for Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer has reset this setting to your original search provider, Bing (www.bing.com). Internet Explorer will not open Search Settings, where you can change this setting or install more search providers."

And then you cannot add any search providers -- Bing, Google, whatever. You get "The search provider could not be installed. This might have happened because: A required file could not be downloaded, The website is unavailable, or You are not connected to the internet."

I've tried with Google as the original search provider, and Bing. I've tried it with "Internet Explorer Compatibility Mode" on and off.

The only time I do not have this problem is if the computer running the virualized IE 11 already has IE 11 installed. Which sort of defeats the purpose of virtualizing IE 11 in the first place.