We have a number of users in this insurance agency that receive emails from the other employees that are sent from their iPhones via GW mobility. The users at their desks are using Outlook 2003 and GW client 7 because they need to drag email msgs into online ASP software. Unfortunately you still cannot do this w/ GW. Our backend is GW 2012, sp2.

For many versions of GW and many versions of GW mobility & Datasync, we have noticed this issue, which is .. the body of the message is blank if sent from an iphone and if it is sent with an attachment, when viewed from Outlook 2003. If that user that received the missing body msg, opens their GW 7 client, the body of the message is there.

As I said, we've never been able to solve this. A band aid is to open GW 7 when the body message is missing.

If the user that received the message forwards or prints the message, the body never shows up. The message is HTML, yet viewing in text mode doesn't seem to help.

Anyl ideas?