Ok, so recently created printers are throwing and error in iManager 2.7.7 or 2.6 -

Exception reading printer control Close
Error Request (CLIENT_ERROR) - bad status code (0x406)
IPP Error: 0x406

I've updated in iprint.npm if applicable. The printers have no spaces in their names. I've deleted the work directory off the imanager server and restarted Tomcat. I've recreated the server certificates and ran the Cool Solutions Certificate Re-creation Script for OES1, OES2 and OES 11 so they now validate, I've restarted the iprint daemons. I am at a loss, is there something I missed that you can point me to?

The last option I'm seeing involves doing a "database" repair but I'd like to avoid that if possible.

Any advice is appreciated - this is on OES2 32-bit with SLES 10 SP4/OES 2 .0.3 (SP3) fully patched.

I could really use some ideas if you have a second everyone. Thank you so much.