Personally, I don't use this a lot, but when I do, it is annoying.

In GW Client with Slovenian translation options for opening CC an BCC lines are now "+Skp" and "+Kp".
CC is translated as SKP
BCC is translated as KP
It should be vice versa.
CC -> KP

Its kind-a weird feeling to clik a + sign to add "SKP" (BCC) to show line for "Kopija" (CC) or to click "+KP" to show "Skp" (BCC) line

To make it right :
for "CC" : Kopija (line name that shows is OK) should be activated with "+Kp"
for "BCC" Skp (line name is OK - abbreviation for Skrita Kopija) should be activated with "+Skp"

Have a nice day,