Planning to install our first OES11 SP2 server into an existing tree - the
idea is to run this new OES11 server virtualized on VMware ESXi 5.5

The existing tree has two physical NW6.5SP8 servers running eDirectory
Version (NDS Version 10554.64). One of the existing Netware
servers is used for DHCP/DNS, File Sharing from three NSS volumes and
Groupwise 7.0.4 whilst the second server is used for FTP services and
eDirectory redundancy. Ultimately the plan is to have two virtualized OES11
SP2 server with one for file sharing and the other for making the move from
GW7 to GW2012. And we're planning to stick with NSS for file sharing on the
new OES11 SP2 server.

I've come across a couple of posts for earlier versions of OES which
recommended not to put the Linux Native OS File System and NSS storage
pools/volumes on the same hard drive. Apparently the advice was a result of
needing to allow EVMS to manage the drive which could be problemmatic.

I've read the OES11 documentation which says that "The Enterprise Volume
Management System (EVMS) has been deprecated in SLES 11, and is also
deprecated in OES 11. Novell Linux Volume Manager (NLVM) replaces EVMS for
managing NetWare partitions under Novell Storage Services (NSS) pools."

So I'm wondering if there is still a compelling requirement to keep the
Linux Native File System and NSS pools/volumes on separate hard drives or
can they both now safely co-exist on the same drive without causing
headaches or gotchas for the future?