Hello everyone,

I am running ZCM 11 sp3 on SuSE Linux 11.3 and using a Windows 7sp1 enterprise 64 bit workstation to configure policies. I would like to have three policies: general computer, admin user and restricted user. When I created the general computer policy - 'computer configuration' - , it uploaded correctly, but when trying to create or edit a user policy, nothing apparently gets uploaded. I can either create a new 'user configuration' policy, or edit one that I've created, make whatever changes I need, close gpedit, the window pops up to say that it imported successfully and I click OK, then click upload and OK and then finally Apply. I'm assuming ZCC uploaded it since I don't get an error message, but if I open the policy again (even after logging off and back on to ZCC), the changes are not there. They still say "not configured". I tried creating a full policy incorporating both the computer and a user policy and the computer portion was uploaded, but the user portion was not. I also cannot make any further changes to the combo policy, they seem to just disappear.

It also doesn't matter whether the policy has been published or is a sandbox.

Can anyone tell me what is going on or where to look for the missing policies? I'm getting ready to start rolling out Windows 7 (yes, I'm late) and need these policies in place.

Thanks in advance for any help.