I have a question concerning an upgrade from to GMS on SLES 11sp3
I duplicated my DataSyncronizer VM to a test environment, then mounted the iso as a CD.
Stopped rcdatasync, Ran Yast, It gets to a Screen titles as Patch Download and Installation.
The Progress Log shows "Retrieving zypper-log" then a Box appears:
Cannot access installation media SLES11-SP3-Updates (Medium 1)
(I expected this because the cd is not mounted)
I abort that and continue and get to a screen Media type (This is expected because it is now asking for the GMS media)
I accept the License Agreement.
Now I get a screen titled as "Migration Repositories" On this screen I have
SLES11-SP3-Extension-Store (with a URL for Novell)
SLES11-SP3-Pool (with a URL for Novell)
SLES11-SP3-Updates (with a URL for Novell)
GroupWise-Mobility-Service 2.0-1.1 (URL is cd:///)

My Concern/Question is:
Should I remove the Check marks in the top 3 lines and Only have GroupWise-Mobility-Service 2.0-1.1 selected ????