Hi all,

Sorting out my windows 7 image w/zenworks 11 (all fresh installs). We have about 25 users or so that will require Access to be installed on their computers.. the rest of our computers will run Office Standard (excel, word, powerpoint).

Whats the proper way to accomplish this with zenworks?

Currently, when I deploy an image, I auto login as a user named "install" to install bundles. I have a "Standard Apps" bundle that is filled with "install bundle" commands that runs if "needsapps.txt" is on the computer.

Should I just install Standard as part of the imaging process, then associate Professional with a group assigned bundle? Was hoping to not have the user sit through an office install. and I'm not sure if office will simply "add" access, or if it'll uninstall/reinstall standard to put professional on.

Alternative is to not use zenworks to deploy office at all, and have the IT person imaging the computer prompted for "office standard or pro" via MDT.

Any tips/ideas? Thanks!