Hi All,

It has been a while since I have ventured into these forums... It feels
good to be back...

ANyhow we are currently looking at deploying a Corporate style DropBox.

We are reviewing couple of options of which Novell Filr is one. The
user experience looks excellent (from a PoC point of view). Our
deployment will be a completely greenfield install using AD (i.e no OES
and eDirectory)

So I was just wondering if there were many large deployments out there,
and if so how did you configure your environment? (we don't know how
bigger uptake the solution will be, currently we are thinking of
providing access for 1000 users but it could grow.)

The solution must be High Availability (with either Active/Active or
Active / Standby) across two data centres.

We have loads of MS SQL instances, but I wouldn't say we are experts in
it. (i.e should we use MS SQL or MYSQL, which I am unaware of any
deployments within the organisation)

MYSQL has the advantage that we don't have to pay for additionl
licensing to replicate the DB.

Also I am interested in How do you provide storage space, are you using
NetFolders / VMDK local filr or NFS?

Thanks for any advice and tips