Sorry for starting a new thread on this but perhaps the old one was a bit confused.

Upgraded two of two primaries to ZCM 11 SP3 from .iso. Ran through ok.
BOTH still have the old agents for download on /zenworks-setup page.
BOTH are marked "pending" on System Updates tab with (Installing... 0 % Complete).

Things work ok but I need the new agents and I'm not sure I can upgrade the satellites until the primaries consider themselves complete.

Only strange info I can find is this about the "Agent features" on the primaries:
Bundle Management 11.3.0
Image Management 11.3.0
Inventory Management 11.2.4
Policy Management 11.2.4
Remote Management 11.2.4

Guess they all should be 11.3.0

And we're having the slow login/slow home page view issue for non-super admins.

How do I move on?