Using GroupWise 12sp1, if the startDate of my non AllDayEvent Appointment is between 0-2 am and i add a RecurrenceDateType with further dates, the first date is correct but all other dates in the Array are around 7 months in the future. This is very strange. I would understand 1 day out due to the TimeZone adjustment but not 7 months ! Same logic always works fine adding a RecurrenceDateType where the startTime of the non AllDayEvent Appointment is after 2am. I check the date of each item in my Calendar[] with


where "days" is my Calendar[], "count" a number, before creating a RecurrenceDateType with those dates using

new RecurrenceDateType(days)

and the dates are correct at the point when i create the RecurrenceDateType, regardless the of their startDate. Any idea what is wrong with non AllDayEvent RecurrenceDateType starting between 0-2 am ?

n.b. If i send an individual non AllDayEvent Appointment between 0-2 am, i.e. no addidional dates in a RecurrenceDateType, then the Appointment appears correctly in the Calendar. I notice that for AllDayEvents i need to add the TimeZone offset, I am in Austria so I add TimeZone offset for "Europe/Vienna" and with this adjustment all Tasks, Notes and AllDayEvent Appointments, either sent individually or in a RecurrenceDateType are sent on the correct date. If i set a TimeZone offset for Appointments which are not AllDayEvents, this adjusts the date incorrectly (2 hours out), so non AllDayEvent Appointments appear not to need the TimeZone adjustment.