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jfolmar01;21303 Wrote:
> I still hold the idea that subnets give us an extra layer of protection,
> since everyone would not be under one big broadcast domain.

while I can fully follow that statement, there may be conditions where
slicing the network topology in a different fashion might be more

Some questions you might have to ask yourself are

- What level of isolation (of traffic) do you need? I.e., separate
clients from servers, and/or separate students from teachers, and/or
keep each organizational unit separate,... Will you have to control
access across such boundaries, i.e. per packet filters and/or firewalls?

- What is the typical traffic flow? Do you have applications that might
run much easier if you have everything in a single network (think of
multicast traffic - when contained in an isolated (sub-)network, you
won't need multicast routing)

- What room for growth do you need (number of IP addresses required in a

- How's your network hardware, feature-/power-wise? Will it support the
ideal structure per the previous questions? (I.e. if you'd like to put
the servers in a separate network, but have only slow separate routers,
that would perform much worse than putting clients and servers in the
same switch...)

I'm sure you'll be much better of segmenting your network, rather than
creating a single large IP subnet - but not for the reason of broadcasts


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