I have successfully expanded many NSS volumes, but I got a breed of servers that always give me a headache.

I run a OES Linux server under a XEN host.
The XEN host uses LVM and presents the OES server a partition for it's NSS volume.

My problem comes when I expand the volumes, I can extend the LVM partition and the OES server sees the space.
I then tell the pool to expand into that space and it tries, however what I get is a new partition but the NSS pool doesn't expand onto that partition.

The specs are all mundane, 200G to 300G.

So now I have 3 100G partitions and they're all "in use"
xvde1.3 (created from the most expand process)

I assume I will have to offline NSS, delete the xvde1.3 partition, rebuild the pool and try again. Any advice would be appreciated.

I've done this process quite a few times, but for some reason I have a batch of servers which are guaranteed to break in this way.

Just some background, I do have a pair of 3TB NSS volume spanned over multiple SANS that's never given me any trouble.