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I assume I will have to offline NSS, delete the xvde1.3 partition, rebuild the pool and try again. Any advice would be appreciated.
Not sure what the best way would be to fix this here... that also depends if this is OES2 (EVMS) or OES11 (NLVM). A SR might be safest and quickest for you in this case...

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I've done this process quite a few times, but for some reason I have a batch of servers which are guaranteed to break in this way.
Just some background, I do have a pair of 3TB NSS volume spanned over multiple SANS that's never given me any trouble.
What's the difference with that one vs the ones that go south? The SAN offers RAW partitions (e.g. no LVM there via the Xen host)? No Xen host is play? ...

Two questions that come to mind:
1) Are you doing the expanding online, meaning you also don't shutdown and boot the virtual server?
2) When doing this online, do you also use blockdev to reread the /dev/xvdX partition so the change in size is fully registered on the virutal server?