i'm struggeling to get a nice working laptop prepared. We use the Novell Client 2 SP3 (current version) to logon to eDir. Also Active directory logon for access to services. Besides that the ZCM 11.x Agent is installed. OS is Windows 7 PRO 32 bits. I need to get this working for about 200+ laptops

There are no problems logging in to eDir, AD and ZCM.

But if i want to use the laptop stand-alone without network, or in a network without eDir and Active directory it's a hussle to logon.

Active Directory and DLU are no friends, so i dropped that.

Creating a local user on Windows 7 and then use the "Computer Only Logon If Not Connected" register key works also. I created 2 System Login Profiles. One is with eDir tree and AD domain filled in. The other one is without tree filled in. Under Windows settings TAB i just filled in a dot (.) to let the user logon with the local user account.

THIS WORKS ONLY 1 TIME! The second time the user account name is cached in registry and the last use System Login Profile is copied to the User Login Profile registry. So the next time i try to logon the Profile dropdown changes to the last used Profile. Is there a way to not use the User Profile Option. Or not to remeber the last user Profile?

What are others using to easily let users logon to an laptop thats not connected to a network?