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Another ZCM related issue has cropped up, this time with a Satellite server, that is going to be performing the Imaging Role, I have included screen captures of the Satellite server, along with another server that is working, basically the Sxx-Oxx1 server is showing that the imaging role is enabled using the zac satcfg, however; when running the zac satr it reports that the Imaging Role: Enabled: false Status : Stopped (further when trying to restart the service it fails almost instantly)

Any thoughts as to why this service might be failing or what troubleshooting steps I can try next? This is 11.2.4 MU 1, and so far this has been the only site that has been reporting this issue. The installation of the agent and configuration is standard across other Satellite servers, so strange that this one would exhibit this behavior.

We did a quick Google search and found TID 7008789 and it mentions a timeout of 120ms, this site in question does have a slow link, but when we change other services those changes are seen almost immediately,

Any thoughts?

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