I attempted to upgrade to SP3 and he upgrade failed due to a database error. The upgrade attempted to rollback, but failed as well. Long story short, I have no working backup of my database either. I have a 205G database with a 95G transaction log. I am not a dba and obviously neglected needed database maintenance. The database fails to start. When I try to start the database with dbeng12 it identifies fragments and recover, but then hangs on the transaction log. I have left it for over 24 hours with no movement. I ran dbtran against the transaction log to dump it to a sql file, but have no clue how to apply that sql file to the database. I have tried all of the options in sybase central, but cannot use any of them as the database will not start. I only have about 300 agents out their and am at the point where I just want to recreate the db and re-register the agents if this cannot be solved. I guess here are my questions:

1.) How do I start the db without the transaction log, so I can apply the SQL file?
2.) How do I apply the transaction file?
3.) How do I just create a new db for ZCM to use and re-register my agents?

Any help is greatly appreciated!