We are having a few issues with our Zenworks and Windows Group Policy. We have Zenworks pushing Group Policy to all our workstations, both user and computer policies but we only computer settings enabled (primarily Windows Updates). I've established that at login Zenworks downloads the registry.pol files with correct policies. For user policies things work smoothly but with computer they aren't being applied (in our case Windows Updates).

The issue appears to lie with the gpt.ini files for the computer policies. It has the option parameter set to 2 (Options=2) which upon research (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/l.../cc779745.aspx) means that computer policies aren't being applied. When zenworks combines the user policies and computer policies to create/update the windows gpt.ini file it gets the options parameter of 2 which means the computer policies are not being applied (but they are in the registry.pol file but are being ignored)(https://forums.novell.com/showthread...orrupt-gpt-ini).

So everything looks like it's being applied, event viewer gives no errors, but because of this option=2 value the computer group policies (which Windows Update is under) aren't getting applied (confirmed by the lack of corresponding registry keys). Does anyone know where this option is getting the value of 2 from?

We're running Zenworks 11.3, workstations are fully patched Windows 7 x64 using Roaming Profiles

Apologies for the rambling, I'll try to clarify as needed.