We are running on Vibe 3.4.0 build 2835. We have a couple of issues here that has to do with managing users in Vibe. We use LDAP to populate our user accounts in Vibe. Being in a university, our users come and go a lot. They get disabled and re-enabled in eDirectory. When a user gets disabled in eDirectory, they get disabled in Vibe too. When the user comes back and is re-enabled in eDirectory, their account in Vibe does not automatically get re-enabled. I have to go into "User Accounts" in the "Administration Console", select the "Disable/Delete Accounts" tab, locate the disabled user and check the box beside the disabled user, scroll all the way down the list and hit the "Enable Selected Accounts" button. We ask the enabled user to try and login to Vibe and they get a "login failed" error message, even when I do a search of the user in Vibe and their account shows up. This is problem 1. So, next thing I do is to delete the user so I can re-synchronize the user back into Vibe through LDAP sync. The Vibe 3.4 Administration Guide (page 177, Deleting Individual Accounts, item 6) indicates that there is supposed to be a User Field where I can type in the name of the user and I would be able to select the user from the drop-down list that is supposed to appear. I do not see this "User Field" where I can type in the user's name. This is problem 2. So, I end up having to go to the "Select From All Accounts" section, go from page to page until I find the user to delete. Deleting a user in Vibe takes such a long time for us because we have thousands of users and it takes very long to go from one page to the next to get to a user who's first name is towards the end of the alphabet. If the "User Field" existed as the guide indicated, then it would not be such a big deal to delete a user. Even better, if the account were re-enabled in Vibe and the user is able to use it. Or even much better if the user's account in eDirectory were enabled and the account in Vibe were automatically enabled when an LDAP sync is executed. Would appreciate any information in getting this process of re-enabling users in Vibe working better for us, and help in getting the missing User Field to show up. By the way, I've tried this on Chrome, IE, and FireFox and everything I've described here works the same way on the different browsers, including the missing field.