Recently upgraded from 1.2.5 build 299 to GMS 2.0.1. Sles11sp2 on an HP Proliant ml310e gen8, sata drives,2 - 500gb mirrored, 8gb ram, 30 users with 40 devices. Checking the Dashboard system agent, have memory use of 85+% after running for a day. Did the vacuumdb/re-index of the databases yesterday. After the restart, 10% mem use which then spiked to 45% after a couple hours. Stayed there then shot up this afternoon to the 85% level. Using top in the terminal, it shows Python to be using 80% memory. This has happened a couple times now, eventually have to restart the services to get the sync moving again. CPU and disk health are always low.
Anyone else seen this on there dashboards?