Hello. I have a the frustrating "print driver host 32-bit application stopped" error when printing from 32-bit apps such as adobe reader or office on a win 7 sp1 64x.

It isn't happening consistently on all boxes, is only happening with the z6100 (other printers plotters no probs), and happens if set up as an iprint queue or printing directly as a hp or tcp\ip port.

Now, if I login to Windows first, then login into Novell, it plots ok. This may be a workaround using some of the Clients avanced options.

Have tried different versions of Novell Client (up to IR6 for NC 2 sp3) and 2 versions of driver as well HPGL and Postscript versions of the driver.

Will look at a firmware upgrade, but would like to leave this to last as a bit concerned it could cause work with the plotters colour matching.