We want to migrate several NSS Pools from an OES2 to a new OES11
cluster. That is, we do not want to upgrade the existing cluster, but
rather set up a new one with the old data and cluster resources.
Steps tested so far:

- offline the cluster resource
- delete all four eDirectory objects for pool, volume, cluster resource,
and virtual server
- disconnect the Fibre Channel LUN from the old and attach it to the new
- locally activate the Pool and Volume on the master of the new cluster
- synchronizing with eDirectory recreates the Pool and Volume objects
- set up the new cluster resource with the old IP and name following
Novell's cluster administration guide

This seems to work quite nicely. However, one problem remains: as the
old cluster resource is not deleted from the cluster configuration it
still shows up in status "offline" upon query of the cluster status. A
"cluster restart" will fix the problem, but that implies downtime for
our customers. We basically never do this.
Any other tips on how to get rid of the entry? Will it be preferable to
delete the cluster resource within the cluster plugin of iManager
after disconnecting the Fibre Channel LUN rather than deleting the
objects in eDirectory directly?