We currently have a ZCM 11.2 install sitting on a Windows Server 2003 32bit. I have a new server running Windows 2008 64bit which I want to move the ZCM install to. I have looked at the various disaster recover scenarios as provided by novells documentation 11.2 disaster recovery reference but dont see in "replacing the primary server with a secondary server" a supported option of going from Windows server 2003 32bit to Windows server 2008 64bit.

I see this is supported in the replacing primary with a new server (eg same IP etc) but this is not the scenario I wish to follow.

Is my direction to simply install another copy of 11.2 as a secondary primary? on my 2008 64bit, go into existing management zone, follow the directions in the above reference doc in section 2.1.

I am wondering though with the secondary primary (2008 64bit) how do I go about moving the internal sybase from the old primary across to the new secondary. It has a reference to how to move the internal to and external sybase but I want the secondary primary (which will be the new primary) to have an internal sybase database like the old primary.

Any help appreciated.