Hey guys,

Our users are on a mix of clients ranging from 11.1 to 11.2.4. And our servers are running 11.3

We use policies to deliver printers that are shared on local windows 2008 servers.

Every now and again a user will log a call saying they can't print, when we remote control the PC we can see that ZENworks has delivered the same printer twice. We manually delete one of the printers or simply reboot and then everything is fine.

We have about 2800 devices, and we probably get about 10 calls a day for this problem, and it can be any device (It isn't the same device all the time).

This happens on Windows XP machines and Windows 7 64bit.

We use Xerox printers, but it doesn't seem to be for any particular model, its random.

I was trying to investigate this with the latest one (on a 11.2.4 client) and the only thing I can see regarding the particular printer in zmd-messages.log was a week old and says:

[DEBUG] [05/11/2014 20:21:04.136] [1088] [ZenworksWindowsService] [30] [] [ZenCache] [] [DeleteFiles called for (launcher configuration policy#d4e06869eed9ea4bacda2fff44b9a0c4_launcher configuration policy.xml, UserContext{_LocalId=none; _RemoteId=(ActionManager)SYSTEM})] [] []
[ERROR] [05/11/2014 20:21:52.071] [1088] [ZenworksWindowsService] [30] [] [printer policy] [POLICYHANDLERS.PrinterPolicy.SmbAddFailed] [Failed to add smb printer \\CLY-FAP-VM\CLY-7435C-01.] [The environment is incorrect.

Does anyone else see this, and does anyone have any ideas? (I'm a bit stumped, it can be any client/device/printer/os)