we got a tender today, and organization is looking for a Network Performance Monitoring solution that has following capabilities:

a. Have web browser interface with user name and Password Authentication. It should be
possible to view topology maps, events, reports etc, in full graphical format using
standard web browser that support java interfaces.
b. System should be able to generate web-based reports including but not limited to alarms/
assets/ configuration changes/connected/ unutilized ports
c. Provide fault and performance management for multi-vendor TCP/IP networks
d. Should have the ability to correlate event across the entire spectrum of infrastructure
component that our critical routers, switches provided by heterogeneous vendors.
e. Set thresholds to automatically escalate errors that exceed the threshold, Capability to
obtain live intemet bandwidth graphs with finer details of inbound and outbound traffic
flows, Capability to monitor any non-sanctioned applications that are consuming
f. The solution must provide the following NetFlow based metrics:
1- Rate
2- Utilization
3- Byte count
4- Flow count
5- IP Conversation pairs
6- Protocol break down by host, link etc.
g. Support dynamic object collections and auto discovery, the topology of the entire
Network should be available in a single map, Provide accurate discovery of layer 3 and
heterogeneous layer 2 switched networks for Ethemet, LANs and WANs, Must support
use of seed files for discovering devices, Must support discovery of physical and logical
connecti vity.
h. The system must be capable of doing root cause analysis out-of-the-box, and in additional
must allow for the ability to create custom rules to compliment the out-of-the-box
functionality, this should be done using a GUI-interface without the requirement for
pro gramming/ scri pting skills.
Should be able to provide management information to meet different personnel's
requirement, from summary management report for senior IT management to detailed
reports for engineering / trouble-shooting, and to real-time alerts for operations.
J. Multiplatform support including support for virtualization (Solaris, AIX, Linux,
Windows family, VMware vSphere/ESXi, Hyper- V etc.).
k. Capability to provide data for service-level performance and availability monitoring
dashboards that will consolidate real-time monitoring data as well as historical data, with
drill-down capabilities to identify a problem's root cause
1. Provide a built-in Security for managing Access Rights
m. The NMS must validate whether a firmware of as upgrade has been successful or not. If
a firmware upgrade being applied to a group of devices fails, the NMS must be able to
automatically stop the group process and alert an administrator.
n. Should provide Servers Hardware Performance monitoring, Database Monitoring and
Storage Performance Monitoring along with Network Performance Monitoring.
Please recommend/suggest