Hello all,

I'm having a problem with groupwise and I can use some advice. A user of mine is having an issue when she composes new mail she switches from plain text view to HTML view and GW either crashes or it freezes, and a error message appears. I thought it was a local profile issue so I re created the profile and it still didnt fix it. In addition I upgraded from GW 7 to GW 8 and the issue still remains. This is an XP machine. I only happnes on thius machine, I tried another XP machine right next to it and it switched views from plain to HTML no problem. Im not sure if the user tinkered with some settings or what.




these are the messgaes I get, I tried deleting the contents of the temp folder and I still get the error. The contents of the temp folder keeps re creating itself when I delete the contents of it.