Hello All,

I have a user who lives in another state. She connects to our GroupWise system using Outlook 2011 via IMAP. It works well with one major (for her) exception. She users categories extensively in her work flow. IMAP does not support categories, but she is able to categorize her messages and it's stored locally. The issue comes when there seems to be a mismatch between her Outlook message store and GroupWise. When this happens, Outlook re-adds all of the messages in her GW mailbox (because it does not recognize them as already there) AND then deletes all of the original messages which have been categorized locally because it does not recognize them in her GW maibox any longer. So the result is she loses all of her categorizations. It happens randomly about every 3-4 months.

I am looking for an alternative way to connect her to our system that does support categories. I have suggested WebAccess but she does not like the interface as has been using Outlook for many years with a different email account. I am thinking about trying to connect her to GW directly from her Outlook client but 1. have never done it over a WAN and 2. am not sure the Mac version of Outlook can connect that way. Another thought I had was maybe I could connect her Outlook through our Data Syncronizer as an Active Sync connection. Does anyone know if that is possible?

Thank you for any guidance or recommendations on helping my remote Mac client.

Daniel Joaquin