Just wondering if anyone could shed some light on how to configure TSM on an NCS hosting NSS pool's ? I believe I have most of it worked out but would like some feed back.

My setup:
3 node cluster (Active/Active)
1:1 ratio of pool/volumes

- At the root of each volume I created a "tivoli" folder and placed the dsm.opt file with a reference to the associated stanza for that volume.
- each node has a dsm.sys file with one stanza for every Volume it could potentially host.
- Load scripts to start the dscmcad process and unload script to stop the dsmcad process are in place for each resource.

The load scripts basically just call a dsm.sh script that I wrote. The script accepts two parms. First parm to inidicate start or stop and second parm to indicate which volume to backup.
Example: dsm.sh start HOME1 --> would call /usr/bin/dsmcad -optfile=/media/nss/HOME1/tivoli/dsm.opt

Am I on the right track ? So far everything works except for whatever reason I can't seem to get the current pid to kill the process when the unload scripts is executed. Not sure if this is the proper way to unload the dsmcad process when a resource is moved ??

Any help is appreciated!